Our mission is to connect all involved in the delivery and receipt of humanitarian aid for the purpose of ensuring efficiency and best results for both practitioners and receivers of aid.


CollaborAID.net is a virtual meeting place for groups both large and small delivering aid to the developing world. This is a space for research, sharing and learning from each other as aid providers. Collaboration will bolster efficiency in aid delivery and maximize outcomes for both practitioners and receivers of humanitarian aid.

Currently CollaborAID.net is focused on bringing greater efficiency to current humanitarian aid projects happening in Ethiopia. To learn more about Ethiopia and to join CollaborAID.net's virtual humanitarian aid THINK - TANK please click the button below.


When I think about efficiency in aid delivery, I think  about planning a large family picnic. Usually, with most family gatherings, guests want to know how they can help or what they can bring to make it a success. This requires communication and coordination. If communication and coordination are lacking and everyone in attendance decided to bring potato salad, it would be a lousy picnic. Potato salad itself was a good idea. Nothing but potato salad would be very inefficient. More communication among attendees would be optimal in planning.

This is, indeed, a very simplistic way of viewing a large problem like aid delivery and efficiency however, this principal applied to the the process will go a long way toward maximizing solutions.

Lack of a universal system recognized by practitioners combined with the lack of an accepted idea of inter and intra-agency collaboration and communication impedes the most advantageous results for recipients of aid.


This website and CollaborAID has been created with the vision of being accessible to all those delivering aid as a means to inform, collaborate and collectively learn in order that optimal results are obtained for both practitioners and recipients of aid.

Susan Donnellan,

Founder -  CollaborAID.net

We can't all bring potato salad...


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